Hemp Seed Salts: A World of Flavor on Your Plate

Flavoured salts are more than just a pinch of seasoning; they're magic wands transforming ordinary dishes with an explosion of flavours. Now what if we told you there’s a way to make even these salts healthier?

It’s time to get acquainted with Hemp Seed Salts, in not one or two but three flavours! Presenting the Garlic, Lime and Chilli variants of Hemp Seed Salts to unlock an all-new dimension of taste in your diet!


Garlic-Flavoured Hemp Seed Salt

Imagine the robust aroma of freshly roasted garlic infusing your food. The Hemp Seed Garlic salt offers a savoury punch with a hint of warmth. It's a natural partner for robust fruits like mangoes, papayas, and guavas, where it cuts through the sweetness and adds a savoury intrigue. Drizzle some honey or olive oil for a delightful contrast of sweet, salty, and spicy.

Lime-Flavoured Hemp Seed Salt

Let the sun-kissed tang of limes dance on your palate. The Hemp Seed Lime Salt brings a burst of citrusy brightness, awakening the senses and cutting through heaviness. It's a match made in heaven for tropical fruits like pineapple, kiwi, and melon. Sprinkle it over a fruit salad for a refreshing zing or rim your glass for a unique twist on a mojito.

Chilli-Flavoured Hemp Seed Salt

For those who love a touch of heat, the Hemp seed chili flavoured salt offers a fiery kick. The varying degrees of spice cater to every palate, from a gentle warmth to a bold inferno. Its fiery embrace complements juicy fruits like watermelon, peaches, and cherries, where it balances sweetness with a touch of heat. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar for a complex flavour profile or combine it with yoghurt for a unique savoury-sweet dip.


The benefits of Hemp - higher mineral and vitamin content along with the long shelf life of flavoured salts is an unbeatable combination. Store them in airtight containers in a cool, dark place, and they'll remain potent for months, ready to add their magic whenever you need a flavor boost. So, ditch the plain salt and explore the world of Hemp Seed flavoured salts today. Your taste buds will thank you!