About Us

As youngsters who belong to the town of Uttarakhand, we have seen the women in our community integrate the goodness of hemp in our day to day lives. They used locally grown hemp to invigorate their health, and keep their fervour for natural living intact. We were heavily inspired by that. Growing up, the idea of a healthy lifestyle complimented our very existence, quite seamlessly owing to the ways of our tradition backed family customs rooted in holistic wellness. Be it hemp seeds used in our chutney or hemp seed oil used for our skincare, it was an integral part of our lives.

In today’s fast paced world, we realise that our long-last traditions of what it means to be consciously healthy easily slips through the cracks. With all of us leading busy lives, choosing to live a healthy life does not have to come at the cost of convenience and/or inaccessibility. At The Big Bhaang Theory, we aspire to make living healthy an easy choice. Backed with our extensive passion for all things hemp- we hope to enable the world to take on the idea of hemp based health. Our products are ethically sourced from the laps of the Himalayas, we use age-old traditional methods in order to truly stay loyal to our vision of preserving the old ways while lending the same to truly enable holistic and healthy living in today’s world.

Our Mission

We aim to fuel a heightened fervour for hemp backed holistic health in the country. By equipping everyone with the access to unlock the abundant goodness of hemp seeds, we aim to spread the knowledge gathered from the local Himalayan community about hemp seeds and its benefits. Most of all, through our offerings, we aim to celebrate the unsung heroes behind the ancient knowledge of holistic health- the women from the laps of the Himalayas.

Our Vision

Through our product offerings, we make it easy to integrate the irreplaceable and the invaluable benefits of hemp seeds into your lives. As the world around us heals steadily, we see the value that hemp brings into this healing era, with its numerous ways of providing positive sustainable impact- carbon negative crop, increase soil fertility and circulates more oxygen in the atmosphere. With our major workforce being the women community living in the lap of himalayas, we wish to bring their economic freedom and help them uplift their quality of living with the employment opportunity being created by our venture.